Have you ever wished that you could have managed relationships better? Understand the people that you love and care about at a deeper level? Learn the reasons why people behave the way they do?  

Life Will Never Be The Same Again


In-house corporate team workshops can be arranged. The JLLC uses the Barrett Value Centre's Cultural Transformational Tools and Enneagram Profiling Instrument to create magical changes in the workplace relationship, which creates the "ah-huh" moments of self-discovery and enhanced working relationships in the office, bringing out the best in all teams. Coupled with The JLLC's coaching integration, the workplace will never be the same again. Talents will never be the same again.

Private workshops for families would be fun-filled. Through the Enneagram Profiling Instruments and bonding activities with your loved ones, relationships will never be the same again. Private Family or Friends workshops can be arranged.

What My Clients Are Saying

A Satisfied Client

“The unique activities made my team realized the importance of eye-contact and increasing their own self-awareness. The Enneagram Profile is an exciting tool to understand oneself and is an excellent one to use in working with others. You made my team feel warm with your friendly nature and using humor in the workshop. Even my boss enjoyed it very much and we are excited about having you continue the coaching journey with my team.

Thank you for conducting such an interesting workshop for the team to bring diversity into unity."

Gillian Tan
Managing Director, Rest of Asia

Participants' Feedback

"It was a fun workshop that gets everyone to work together to demonstrate unity and synergy. I believe it has somehow uncovered the true self of each participant."

"It was a great learning for me and inspired with a back hit."

"Well planned out activities and paced them right."

"Everyone was an expert with what they were presenting."

'The activities enabled us to mingle with the team around and build connection."

"Synergy. Good understand on each Enneagram style & type. Know my colleagues better through their personality types."


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