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"I want to thank Janice for opening my heart to receive and allowing people to walk into my heart. When she coached me, I visualized my heart with an open door, lights coming out from my heart as I welcomed people to walk right in…This gave me a major shift from being right to being empowering others! Janice was able to see me as a Beacon, shining the light on others…

I am indeed very grateful to her because I am a very tough person and would never show my softer inner self.
I now feel more comfortable in using my softer side to empower others and the feelings is great!"

Gillian Tan
Managing Director, Rest of Asia

A Satisfied Client

“Janice offered me a different dimension of thinking about my dilemma at my work place. She asked intriguing questions which got me thinking deeper and directed me with positive vibes to my inner most desirables. Thank you for re-adjusting me back in a positive mindset.” - Estee Tan

A Satisfied Client

"Overall a very useful and insightful session for me that helped me to see another perspective and shifted my mindset on how I approached my career. Thank you Janice!" - Mabel Yeo

A Satisfied Client

"I experienced Janice as one who is patient and committed in her coaching work. When I was stuck at one stage in the coaching process, she patiently stayed with me until I was ready to move on.   Her committment to my growth helped me to push through the block I had at that time and it allowed me the opportunity to see a fresh perspective of the situation. Thank you Janice for journeying with me."- Wendy Yeo, Counsellor

A Satisfied Client

“Janice’s coaching has helped me to build more confidence. Now I am able to speak more firmly and confidently at work,  through the practices she gave me.  Through the  self- reflection  exercises, I  do have a more positive mindset now, creating a more harmonious environment at my work place. “
- Jenny Chuah, Finance Manager

A Satisfied Client

"Janice was able to engage me in a manner that let me feel safe and understood. Her insights to my sharing allowed me to appreciate perspectives outside my own as acceptable. She was quick to source for books, passages, illustrations and exercises that aided in addressing my personal challenges. The journey overall was very fruitful thanks to her combination of knowledge, professionalism, mindfulness and care."

- Sebastian Kang, Job Coach

A Satisfied Client

"Janice is a caring coach who is at all times fully present and dedicated to support you on your journey." - Anonymous Client

A Satisfied Client

"From my point of view, she was my psychiatrist and mentor for me to find who I am and what I am looking for in my life while feeling some threats, worries and emotional instability in my life. She is an excellent and brilliant coach to help me to find my inquiring life path that I haven't found exactly, and to realize how to develop and reach to the found although I still need to put lots of efforts by myself. That's my own job. I will apply her advice and instruction, and reflect my practice and change onto my life to reach to my goal. Someone looking for any coach, I strongly recommend that you could bet it to Janice. Thanks a lot to Janice and my boss of company."

- Jerry Jeong, Regional Sales Manager

A Satisfied Client


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