Change Starts With You?


Unsure if you are bringing out the best in you, your life or your career? Even the strongest among us can feel lost, empty, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. As a Coaching Professional, I aim to help you unleash your potential, transforming lost into clarity, emptiness into fulfillment, ambivalence into certainty. I believe that everyone has the internal resources and potential not just to survive, but to THRIVE!

Energies transfer between the 2 sides of the hour glass, symbolizing the transformation of negative energies into positive energies. Like the hour glass, we need to occasionally reverse our attitudes and actions for a change, bringing out a better side of ourselves. Whether we change for better or worse, it is in our hands. Until we start doing, nothing changes.


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Coaching has helped me shift my thinking about the human potential and human energies. It has broaden my perspective about how I can accept myself and others and help one another bring out the best in us, living more meaningfully and harmoniously with people around us. Coaching has helped me breakthrough the relationships with my 2 daughters and we have learnt to appreciate each other much much better and enhanced our family harmony. I am sure all families can achieve the same and life will never be the same again.


My past builds the foundation of who I am today. My present is my reason for being here to create a beautiful story of my life and my future is what I work towards, making our world a better place to be, for my family, my friends, our environment and our community.

I am passionate and authentic about helping you bring out the best in you. I truly believe that there is always a better version of ourselves that we can tap on. Every day can be a surprise for you if you believe that you can tap on your inner resources to make a positive shift in your life. I look forward to walking this journey together with you, bringing out the best in you... 


"Everyday can be a pleasant surprise for me if I make a positive shift in my life."

My Motto in Life



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